Teeth Cleaning and Polish, Madison, WI

If you maintain a busy schedule, it might be difficult to remember to schedule your semi-annual dental checkups and cleanings. But this regular visit may do more for your dental health than anything else you could do. Here are a few reasons you should make an appointment every six months to have your teeth checked and cleaned:

Reduce and Prevent Cavities

You might do your best to brush and floss daily, but if you miss trouble spots, decay might be taking hold between your teeth. Fortunately, because your teeth are inspected and cleaned thoroughly during your dental checkup, you might be able to reduce or prevent cavities altogether.

By taking X-Rays and carefully inspecting your teeth with specialized dental instruments, our team can spot cavities when they are tiny. In addition to making the repair much less painful, correcting cavities when they are small also takes less time and helps to preserve the structural integrity of the rest of the tooth.

Keeps Gums Healthy

You might not think much of that pink tissue that surrounds your teeth, but your gums play an important role in your overall dental health. In addition to keeping your teeth in place, your gums also frame your smile—making or breaking your look. Issues with your gums are one of the first symptoms of periodontal disease, which is why regular dental exams are so important. During your semiannual checkup, our doctor will look for signs of bleeding, discoloration, infections, and misshapen areas. If issues are found, Dr. Gyurina will talk with you about how to fend off trouble and may recommend a deeper periodontal cleaning.

Make Your Smile More Beautiful

If the health of your teeth and gums isn’t reason enough to schedule a checkup, consider the fact that regular dental exams can also make your teeth much more beautiful. Here are a few techniques our doctor might use to beautify your smile:

Bonding: If you have gaps or dental fractures, those areas might be able to be filled with a ceramic bonding agent. In addition to being inexpensive, dental bonding lasts for a long time and looks like a part of your natural tooth.

Reshaping: If your teeth are shaped strangely or chipped, they can be reshaped to take on a more natural appearance.

What will happen during my teeth cleaning?

During a typical cleaning, you will meet with a hygienist in a dental exam room. To start, the hygienist will use a dental instrument called an “explorer” to scrape away plaque and tartar buildup and to check for existing cavities. When your hygienist is finished removing existing buildup, they will polish your teeth with a gentle abrasive so that your teeth are clean and beautiful. After the cleaning, you will meet with Dr. Gyurina to discuss any additional treatment that needs to take place.

Contact Oak Park Dental today to schedule your next cleaning. It easier and cheaper than waiting until you have a toothache. We have great relationships with patients from all over the Madison, WI area including Monona, Middleton, Verona, and Oregon. If you can commit to a good teeth cleaning every six months, your teeth will look better, you'll waste less time and money on more invasive treatments, and you'll have healthier teeth for a long time to come.

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