Treating Stained Teeth in Madison


Bright Teeth, Healthy Teeth

A brilliant smile gives you a boost in both self-esteem and confidence as you work hard to meet your goals. But maintaining a high level of dental health does more than simply give you a beautiful smile; a healthy mouth can also help you reduce your risk for multiple diseases and contribute to the health of the rest of your body. And likewise, health problems in the rest of the body can have an adverse effect on your dental health. One important way to monitor the health of your mouth and body is to pay attention to the color of your teeth.

There are many different causes of stains or tooth discoloration, some that are avoidable and some that are not. For example, certain foods and drinks can cause stains, including coffee, tea, cola, and wine, as well as other products such as chewing tobacco and cigarettes. A dental care routine can reduce the the chances of getting stained teeth from these products, and avoiding them will prevent future discoloration. But some tooth stains are beyond your control, like those caused by some diseases which harm the enamel on your teeth. There are even disease treatments, like some forms of radiation and chemotherapy, that can affect the color of your teeth. Age and genetics also play a role in teeth stains. Finally, mouth injuries can permanently damage teeth, leaving teeth dead and discolored. When teeth change color unexpectedly, this can give valuable insights into your overall health.

But regardless of how teeth become stained, few of us want them to stay that way. Whatever the reason for your stained teeth, the Oak Park Dental team can create a personalized care plan that will help you to improve your mouth’s overall health and appearance. If you are looking for cosmetic dentistry in Madison, you have come to the right place. We offer treatment options that can improve the appearance of your teeth and also improve your dental health. From teeth whitening to porcelain veneers to dental bonding, we can help you get the smile you want, even if it seems worlds away.

Teeth Whitening

We offer many teeth whitening products including some you can use at home, but our in-office teeth whitening treatment is quick, safe, and extremely effective. On average, patients achieve teeth that are 8 shades whiter than when they began. The procedure is simple: we apply a whitening gel agent to your teeth and activate the gel with a special light. 45 minutes later, you walk out with whiter teeth. Best of all, the results from our professional whitening procedure are much faster and more reliable than you will experience with an over-the-counter whitening product, as we are able to use stronger bleaching agents. For a whiter smile in under an hour, come to Oak Park Dental.


Dental Bonding

Bonding is a great strategy for improving stained teeth. It is also relatively inexpensive compared to other forms of cosmetic dentistry. Dental bonding uses the same resin material that goes into tooth-colored fillings. During a dental bonding procedure, this resin is applied to the teeth. Then a special light is used to harden, or “bond” the material to your teeth. The dried resin is the same color of your teeth and blends in with your natural teeth. This method also helps to control future tooth stains and decay.

Porcelain Veneers

Dental veneers are wafer-thin caps that cover your teeth. These shells are custom made from porcelain to fit your mouth specifically. Veneers are bonded to your teeth for a long-term solution to stained teeth and other dental problems. The veneers are also resistant to staining themselves. Getting porcelain veneers takes two appointments on average. See us today to discuss whether or not veneers are the right option for you.


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