Need a Second Opinion? We Can Help.


Nobody should be pressured into receiving dental care they don’t feel comfortable with, which is why the clinicians at Oak Park Dental are happy to offer second opinions. Whether you are an existing patient or new to our practice, we would be happy to examine your smile, offer you their advice, and create a treatment plan based on your personal preferences, budget, and oral health goals.

We are not here to talk you into procedures you don’t need or want. Instead, Dr. Jana Gyurina will work to evaluate your oral health, explain the procedures available to correct the issue, and talk with you about the benefits and drawbacks of different options. As one of the best dentists in Madison, Dr. Gyurina will work hard to make sure that you feel comfortable moving forward with whatever decision you make regarding your oral health.

Tips for Getting a Second Opinion


Take Notes

If you have decided to get a second opinion on dental work, take careful notes. Write down the dentist’s recommendations, the timeline involved with the procedure, and the billing codes associated with the treatment. You can use the codes to ask your insurance company about coverage and costs, so that you can accurately compare dental practices.

Pay Attention To How You Are Treated

As you visit different dental offices, pay attention to how you are treated by everyone in the office—even the office staff. Oak Park Dental has an excellent team of true professionals, and we strive to make our office as warm and inviting as possible.

No obligations


We want all of our patients and potential patients to know that getting a second opinion through Oak Park Dental doesn’t obligate you to seek services through our office. If you don’t agree with our recommendations or simply feel more comfortable with your own dentist, we understand. As a one-time visitor or a regular patient, you are always welcome at Oak Park Dental. We look forward to meeting you and serving your oral health needs.

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