Root Canal Treatment in Madison

An Effective Treatment for Toothache Relief

Root canals can be scary for many people, partially because they generally follow a severe toothache. If you do need root canal treatment, we at Oak Park Dental are committed to putting an end to your pain with as little added stress as possible.

Do I Need A Root Canal?

In general, we believe in solving problems the simplest and least invasive way possible. If caught early enough, most cavities can be repaired using fillings without going into the root. But if you're experiencing a toothache, chances are your tooth root is infected.

If you have an infected tooth root, we often recommend root canal treatment because it can save teeth that would otherwise have to be extracted. The first step is to drill into the tooth and expose the root. The dentist then uses a specialized tool to remove the infected pulp and nerve tissue. She'll then sanitize the root and repair the tooth.

Many people expect root canals to be painful, but most patients report that they're no more painful than a filling. On the upside, root canals are usually very effective at relieving the worst tooth pain.

When a Root Canal Isn't Enough

In rare cases, root canals can fail. Or your infection might already extend beyond the root of the tooth. This may require the tooth to be extracted. If this is the case, the dentist will anesthetize deep into your jaw before starting. You may still feel strong pressure during the extraction, but you shouldn't feel pain as the tooth is removed.

The next decision is what to do about the gap in your teeth. In most cases, for aesthetic and oral health reasons, our dentists will recommend you replace the missing tooth. We can help you with dental implants or bridges. The dentist will explain the pros and cons of each option and then leave the decision to you.

Come See Us However You're Feeling

Don't wait until a toothache has you moaning in pain before you come into Oak Park Dental. But when you do find yourself in that situation, we can help relieve the pain quickly and permanently. Dr. Gyurina is skilled at identifying the cause of tooth pain and recommending the simplest and best solution possible.

If you need root canal therapy or extraction, one of our dentists will perform the procedure or recommend a trusted endodontist in the Madison area depending on the equipment required for the task. We are committed to our patients' comfort and health and we're here to help.

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