Preventive Dentistry for Madison, WI

Your teeth can be one of your most important assets, and they need to be taken care of very well by you and your dentist. Oral hygiene should be maintained at all times, and regular visits to our dental office for preventive care are crucial. Even if it is inconvenient, it is highly recommended that your teeth be examined every six months, in order to prevent dental issues before they fully develop. Failure to keep appointments or follow good habits at home can cause relatively minor issues to become costly major ones. Here are just a few reasons why preventative care is so important.

Avoiding Future Dental Treatments

By preventing gum problems and tooth decay from occurring, you can help reduce the chances of painful dental treatments. Brushing your teeth and flossing regularly will help get rid of any food particles that accumulate on the teeth and gums and cause tooth decay. If you see your dentist regularly, he or she can identify potential areas of decay and inflammation while they are in the early stages. Gum disease is very bad for the teeth, but it is absolutely preventable with regular exams and proper home care.  

Save Time and Money

Money is saved when you maintain healthy teeth. If you have spent a good amount of money in the past on bridges, crowns and root canals, it is possible that you were not taking good enough care of your teeth! The first line of defense for preventing dental problems is flossing and brushing regularly. Cleanings every six months will help make sure your teeth stay healthy and looking good. Although the time and cost involved in keeping this semi-annual appointments may seem like a hassle, it is much cheaper than waiting until you have major dental problems and paying major dental costs.

Prevent Losing Your Teeth

By using preventive dental techniques, you will help prevent losing your teeth. Once a tooth has a filling or crown, it is not going to ever be as strong as it was to begin with because it has no power to regenerate. You could potentially have problems with that tooth in the future because it is weaker and more prone to decay. If the tooth is fractured or if it has decay beyond repair, you may need a bridge or an implant to fill the gap the tooth leaves behind.

Stop Tooth Decay in Kids

Fluoride treatments during regular checkups help prevent decay in children‘s teeth. Overall, if you do not have many oral problems when you are a child, you will have less as you age. For children, topical fluoride treatment is part of the scheduled cleaning routine. This routine is normal until the child is a teenager if there no problems with bacteria being present. Fluoride treatments might also be used for adults on an as-needed basis, including the people who suffer with dry mouth.

Preventive Dentistry Services

Oak Park Dental has a wide variety of preventive dentistry services to offer. First and foremost, we recommend that patients receive a dental checkup every six months. During your dental checkup, we will provide you with a thorough dental cleaning that can help get your oral health back into shape. We will also do a thorough exam to catch any cavities and other problems early so they can be dealt with before they do more harm.

These visits also allow us to make sure we're taking care of many other preventive measures including oral cancer screenings, and fluoride treatment to strengthen your enamel, and oral hygiene instruction. In many young patients, and even older patients who have not yet undergo the procedure, we also recommend receiving dental sealants as they can protect your teeth from long term damage.

Here are some of the preventive dentistry services we offer at Oak Park Dental:

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At Oak Park Dental we're committed to preventive dentistry for patients at all stages of life. A big part of this is starting or continuing 6 month dental checkups. If you would like to make an appointment, you can do so here. If you have any questions about the preventive dentistry services we offer, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately. We are proud to serve our Madison, Wisconsin community. We look forward to meeting you and contributing to your best dental health.

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