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Patient FAQ: General, Preventive, and Cosmetic Dentistry

I’m physically active but I don’t play contact sports. Do I really need a mouthguard?

Yes! It’s important to protect your teeth and your head when you play any sport, even those with limited to no contact. Mouthguards are shown to reduce your risk of concussion by up to 50%. Another perk? Our Madison dental practice offers Under Armour Performance Mouthwear and Pure Power Mouthguards, which are clinically shown to increase sports performance. Protect your teeth and get a leg up on the competition! Call our office for more information.

My family drinks bottled water. Should I be concerned about fluoride?

You should mention this to your dentist at your next visit. While most city water is fluoridated, bottled water does not contain fluoride, an important mineral for strengthening teeth. Oak Park Dental offers fluoride treatments, which may be appropriate for your situation. Feel free to talk with Dr. Gyurina about adding this tooth enamel protection option to your preventive care routine.

Are metal fillings bad for your health?

The risk attributed to mercury levels in amalgam (metal/silver) fillings is in dispute, but our office takes no chances with your health. We have removed the mercury and metal from our office, opting instead for composite fillings and all porcelain restorations. You’ll keep your smile sparkling white, with restorations that are stronger and more durable than their amalgam and metal counterparts. Contact our office for your appointment today.

My teeth are so sensitive! Can you help?

Absolutely. Sensitivity can have multiple causes, including receding gums, chips or cracks in enamel, or heavy-handed brushing that exposes tiny pores in the dentin, called tubules. In some cases, laser therapy can seal the tubules and provide relief, while other therapies include applying preventive resins or bonding agents, which create a barrier similar to natural enamel. Dr. Gyurina will be happy to discuss your tooth sensitivity and how we can keep you comfortable at your next visit.

I don't have risk factors for oral cancer. Do I still need to have a screening every year?

Yes. It used to be that the vast majority of oral cancer cases could be predicted by the traditional risk factors, but with the rise of cases caused by HPV (Human papillomavirus), this is no longer true. Every adult, 18 years or older, should have an oral cancer screening once a year. The process is quick and virtually pain free. We recommend patients have it done with their regular dental checkup.

Am I a candidate for dental implants?

With today's dental implant technology it's possible to replace a single missing tooth or an entire arch and restore full function. In some cases, if the bone of the jaw is compromised because of periodontal disease, atrophy, or injury implants may not be possible. Even where bone tissue is reduced, at Oak Park Dental we may still be able to provide dental impants thanks to our CT guided implant system, which precisely guides the dentist to take full advantage of the existing bone structure.

I think I may have TMJ. What can be done about it?

TMJ is a common disorder arising from a misalignment of your bite. It can cause migraines, earaches, teeth clenching and grinding, sore jaw, worn or chipped teeth, and other painful symptoms. The first step is to correctly diagnose your problem. At Oak Park Dental we use the reliable K-7 system to take a 3-D image of your jaw and determine if you actually have TMJ or something else. Once it's confirmed that TMJ is causing your problems, we have a variety of treatments to correct your problem and alleviate your pain.

How soon do I need to bring my baby to the dentist?

You should bring your child in for a first checkup within six months of his or her first tooth and no later than the first birthday. The purpose of the first visit will be to get your child used to the dentist and to teach parents in how to care for their child's teeth. We will talk about risk factors for cavities and discuss fluoride treatments for small children and when you should think about dental sealants.

What is the best cosmetic dentistry procedure to improve my smile?

There are many procedures we use at Oak Park Dental to straighten, whiten, and repair damaged teeth to give you a natural looking, attractive smile. The right cosmetic treatment for you depends on your priorities. Cost, treatment time, and permanence are all factors you'll need to consider. You may also want to consider a full smile makeover if you have multiple complaints about your smile. To give you a personalized recommendation, the dentists at Oak Park will need to do a thorough exam of your gums and teeth and talk with you about what you hope to accomplish. So schedule an appointment today for a consultation.

We invite you to join our growing patient family and experience the difference exceptional dentistry and a relaxed environment make in your oral health. Our Madison general, family, cosmetic, and neuromuscular dentistry practice also serves patients from the surrounding communities of Middleton, Verona, Oregon, and Monona. Contact us to make an appointment with your local dentist in Madison today. We look forward to enhancing your life, health, and smile!

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