Our Technology


Great dental care demands the right diagnostic tools to ensure early detection of problems when treatment is most effective. Oak Park Dental is dedicated to providing patients with leading edge dental care, including the latest technological advances and procedures. By utilizing innovative dentistry, we can provide less invasive and more effective, efficient, and comfortable dental care to our patients.

DIAGNOdent Laser Cavity Detection uses advanced laser technology capable of scrutinizing every surface of your teeth, revealing even micro-decay. This superior form of early detection means smaller fillings and the ability to retain more of your natural tooth structure.


Laser Dentistry involves treatments that allow unprecedented precision, are minimally invasive, promote enhanced healing, and offer a greater comfort level for our patients. Lasers are used in the treatment of gum disease, in cosmetic dentistry procedures to sculpt gum tissue for a more balanced, pleasing smile, and in the activation of super-fast whitening gels.

ViziLite is our oral cancer screening method that utilizes a special light to detect areas of concern unable to be seen by the naked eye. We use the ViziLite system to protect your oral health and include it as an essential part of every patient checkup.


CEREC is an advanced technology that allows us to create custom-milled restorations in a single visit. This capability means more convenient and highly personalized dental care for our patients. Our CEREC system is capable of designing and milling all-porcelain, metal-free crowns, inlays, and onlays for a beautiful, healthy smile

iCAT is digital radiography that provides precise, three-dimensional views of structures beneath teeth and gums, including roots, internal canals, and bone structure. The i-CAT advanced scanning capabilities allow us to provide more definitive diagnoses and effective treatment without the need to refer our patients to an outside lab facility.


We invite you to join our growing patient family and experience the difference exceptional dentistry and a relaxed environment make in your oral health. Our Madison general, family, cosmetic, and neuromuscular dentistry practice also serves patients from the surrounding communities of Middleton, Verona, Oregon, and Monona. Contact us to make an appointment with your local dentist in Madison today. We look forward to enhancing your life, health, and smile!

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