The Dangers of Missing Teeth in Madison, WI


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Not only can a missing tooth be unsightly, but it can be detrimental to your overall dental health, too. In fact, there are many unseen but serious consequences to missing teeth that go without dental care. This is because teeth and bone have an important, symbiotic relationship. The bone works as a part of the teeth’s natural support system, keeping them rooted where they need to be. And the teeth, by putting pressure on the bone, stimulate it, forcing the bones to grow and stay strong. Both the bone and teeth need the other to stay healthy.

When you have an adult tooth that goes missing, it affects the bone in unhealthy ways. Because the tooth isn’t there to stimulate bone growth and strength, the bone starts to lose its density and shape; the bone starts to become shorter and thinner. Gum tissue can also decrease with a missing tooth. Eventually, these negative effects combine and start to cause some unhealthy impacts on your health. First, the ability to eat and the ability to speak may be compromised. Second, the jaw bone becomes weaker, making a fractured jaw more of a possibility. The remaining teeth may also shift out of place. Finally, cheeks become hollow as they lose support. In the end the entire face can start to have a collapsed appearance. These consequences can result in an overall loss of confidence.

The Best Solution

Dental Implants

The best tooth replacement prosthetics available are dental implants.

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Fortunately, modern dentistry has a solution that will address not only the aesthetics of missing teeth, but also the associated medical dangers. Dental implants are an effective replacement for the root and crown of the tooth. We at Oak Park Dental have expertise at installing dental implants. We can help you to smile with confidence again knowing that your long term dental and bone health is being maintained.

So how do dental implants work? And why are they such an effective solution to missing teeth? A dental implant consists of both a root and a crown. The titanium root, or post, is installed in the space where your original root used to be. This post is essential because it stimulates the bone in the same way the original tooth did, thus protecting against bone loss. A crown, which looks and feels like a natural tooth, is connected to the post. This crown is important because it maintains the function of your missing tooth, allowing you to eat and speak as you could before. These two parts can also be separated, so you won't need a root replacement, if for any reason something happens to the new crown. Implants are a great option because they have an extremely high success rate; they also do not compromise the health of surrounding teeth in any way. Finally, implanted teeth are not at risk for decay. Overall, your mouth will be happier with implants than without.

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If you have lost any permanent adult teeth, give us a call. The more teeth lost, the more important it is find a solution. If you are looking for dental implants in Madison, WI, contact us today and we can start to create the best personalized treatment plan for your individual needs.