A Stunning Smile Awaits You at Oak Park Dental

Everyone at Oak Park Dental is committed to enhancing your life by helping you achieve optimal dental health and a beautiful smile to go with it. From the moment you walk through our door, you'll find a warm, inviting atmosphere and the most skilled dentist in Madison that listens to your concerns and work with you to ensure you have a comfortable experience.

Dr. Jana and Her Family

Caring for Your Family Like Our Own

Beautiful smiles spring naturally from a strong foundation of good oral health. At Oak Park Dental, achieving and maintaining optimal oral health for you and your family is our top priority. Our health-first philosophy makes your overall well-being paramount in every treatment recommendation and our general and family dentistry services are designed to keep smiles beautifully healthy for kids and adults alike.

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General & Family Dentistry Madison, WI


Dental Care for Your Entire Family


Good dental health is best achieved when it's a family interest. When children see their parents taking good care of their teeth and attending the dentist often, it's easier to set them on the path of keeping their own teeth healthy. At Oak Park Dental, our goal is to help you and your children keep healthy, beautiful smiles for years to come. We'll take care of your family as if they were our own.

General Dentistry and Overall Health


Having a healthy mouth can affect the health of your whole body. Did you know some headaches and neck pain are caused by a misalignment of your bite? TMJ is a very common cause of these symptoms. Dr. Gyurina is highly skilled at treating TMJ and making neck and head pain disappear.

Did you know snoring caused by sleep apnea can often be stopped using a simple dental appliance to reposition your lower jaw or tongue? The dentists at Oak Park Dental can diagnose sleep apnea and provide you with a comfortable mouthpiece that will let you get the rest you need again.

Did you know gum disease has been linked to many serious health problems including heart disease, diabetes, and stroke? At Oak Park Dental we can treat your periodontitis in it's early stages or recommend a periodontist for advanced cases.

Headaches, neck pain, clenching and grinding teeth are all symptoms of TMJ. At Oak Park Dental we can help.

General Dentistry Elevated with Intraoral Cameras | You and your dentist can see up close areas where you need work. Oak Park Dental - Madison

Children's Dentistry


Dr. Gyurina and the Oak Park Dental team are dedicated to your child's dental health from their first tooth. We recommend that your children come in for an appointment soon after their first teeth appear and no later than their first birthday. These first visits are important to your child’s oral health, not only to ensure everything is developing as it should, but also to create happy associations with dental visits. We believe prevention is especially important in children’s dental care and offer not only preventive resins that seal the deep grooves in molars, but fluoride treatments as well to help prevent cavities. For older children we can help with Invisalign clear braces and wisdom teeth extractions when the time comes.

Come In for Exceptional Family Dental Care


From your child's first visit to the dentist to regular six-month checkups, Invisalign clear braces, crowns, and even dental implants, Oak Park Dental accommodates each family member with personalized services and exceptional, compassionate care.

We welcome you and your family to become a part of our growing patient family and experience superior dental care in a friendly, relaxed environment. Our family dentistry practice serves patients from all over Madison, WI and surrounding communities of Middleton, Verona, Oregon, and Monona. Contact us to make an appointment for general dentistry at Oak Park Dental. We look forward to enhancing your life, health, and smile!

CEREC Same-Day Dental Crowns | Oak Park Dental - Madison, WI

Dental Care with the Latest Technology


Dr. Gyurina is diligent to train in the newest techniques and technologies to provide her patients the best treatments available. This includes modern detection tools like the Spectra Camera for measuring tooth decay and ViziLite Plus for early oral cancer screening. Other technologies, like the CEREC machine for same-day crowns, let us complete in hours what used to take weeks. All of our technologies are designed to help us provide the best quality dental work and to make your life easier.

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