Dental Implants Benefits

If you have lost a tooth--or even several teeth--there is a range of replacement options to consider, from dentures to bridges to dental implants. At Oak Park Dental in Madison, we are committed to making sure you receive the best selection for you. While your circumstances may elevate one choice over another, in most cases, we believe that dental implants are the superior choice. In addition to all the benefits afforded by any tooth replacement, dental implants promote good health, are comfortable and unobtrusive, and will last your entire life.

Filling the gap

Whenever you lose one tooth, it changes the way you eat, speak, and smile. In addition, everything around that tooth--the adjacent teeth, the gums, even the jawbone--begin to deteriorate. The alignment of your teeth shifts, making the remaining ones even more vulnerable to damage, while the bone and flesh that once supported the tooth begin to atrophy.

Dental Implants are the best option for tooth replacements because of the way they support the tissues of the mouth; they function like a normal tooth, and look fantastic as well. Call us today for an appointment.

Stopping this process means replacing the missing tooth or teeth with a dental prosthesis that will hold other teeth in place and allow you to speak and eat normally again. Depending on what kind of prosthetic you choose, you may prevent some or all of the natural deterioration accompanying tooth loss. Dental implants are the most effective option for keeping your whole mouth healthy.

Promoting bone growth

What places dental implants above all other tooth replacement strategies is the way they interact with the supporting tissues of your mouth. Implants replace not only the visible portion of your tooth, but the roots as well. When dental implants are placed, they are embedded in your jawbone, in the space where you original tooth roots used to be. This encourages the bone to grow against the implant, instead of deteriorating and leaving a gap. Your gums, too, will grow close around the implant instead of receding, keeping your mouth healthy and whole.

Comfort and ease of care

Unlike removeable bridges, implants stay firmly fixed in place, making it easy to speak and eat the same way you always have. They are also just as easy to care for as natural teeth, and don't need to be removed or adjusted after use, minimizing the time and worry spent on them after they're installed. You just brush and floss them as you would your natural teeth.

Natural look

Once the implant is integrated and the crown is installed, it will be almost impossible to tell your dental implant from the rest of your teeth. Implants have no visible metal fixtures or attachments--just the bright, custom-shaped porcelain crown made to match your smile.

A permanent solution

The success rate of dental implants is very high. Over 90% of dental implants integrate successfully with the patient's jawbone and can support a crown. At Oak Park Dental, we use computer guided implants to ensure successful placement. Once your implant integrates, it will never need to be replaced; it is sturdy, permanent, and as much a part of your mouth as all your other teeth.

A whole new smile

Although we have mostly focused on individual implants, implant retained dentures carry the same benefits. Dentures offer a return to normalcy for many patients, but they can shift in your mouth as they are used. Implants are the stablest, most reliable way to fasten dentures to your jaw. They still help prevent the jawbone from wearing away, and while the dentures themselves may need to be replaced, your implants will last your entire life.

Missing teeth can have a powerful impact on the quality of your life. The sooner you replace them, the better for your health and your spirits. To learn more about your options and receive help making your choice, contact Oak Park Dental in Madison, WI to schedule a consultation with one of our qualified implant dentists.