Custom Athletic Mouthguards in Madison, WI


When you or your kids are preparing for an athletic competition, don’t neglect the small things you need to protect yourself. Without the right athletic mouthguard, oral injury can lead to permanent dental problems. Fortunately, here at Oak Park Dental, we can help you to protect your teeth, even during the most intense game.

We can provide you with a custom mouthguard molded to fit your mouth, which will do a better job of cushioning your teeth during the bumps and tumbles than the out-of-the-box mouthguards you can buy from the sporting goods store.

Here are four reasons you should come in for a custom athletic mouthguard made for you:

1: Keep Your Smile Sharp
All of an athlete’s strength and skill can’t prevent every injury. Unfortunately, it only takes one bad hit to knock out a few teeth or severely chip your smile. Afterwards, you might be left trying to make do with the teeth you have left, or dealing with a litany of dental issues. We're happy to help you with cosmetic dentistry, but first come in to Oak Park Dental for a custom mouthguard to protect your teeth and jaw, so that you can save money and stay confident.

2: Protect Your Mouth, Protect Your Brain
Believe it or not, a mouthguard can do a lot more than keep your teeth from being destroyed during an intense football game. They also help to distribute impact evenly through your mouth and head, protecting your brain. When you hold a mouthguard in your mouth, it stabilizes the neck and jaw muscles, which can also keep your head from whipping around after a hit. Although it might be easy to underestimate the protection that an athletic mouthguard can offer, these essential dental devices have been found to reduce concussions by as much as 50%.

3: Custom Guards Are More Comfortable
You might have seen advertisements for inexpensive, one-size-fits-all mouthguards, but don’t sacrifice your comfort or the health and safety of your mouth for a few dollars. DIY mouthguards, which usually entail boiling the device to soften it before customizing it to your fit, don’t really adapt to anatomical differences between people. If you order the wrong version, you could end up with an uncomfortable fit at best, and insufficient protection at worst. Fortunately, here at Oak Park Dental, we can take a mold of your mouth and create a custom mouthguard that has an ideal fit for you.

4: Improve Your Performance
We also offer Pure Power and Under Armour Performance mouthguards. Both versions work based on musculoskeletal principles to improve circulation and stabilize your muscles, which could help your performance on the field.


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