A Beautiful Smile is a Healthy Smile

If your smile isn't looking quite as captivating, disarming, or magnetic as you would like, you may be weighing your cosmetic dentistry options. You should also consider that what you see as unattractive in your smile may be negatively impacting your health. At Oak Park Dental in Madison, we recognize that a beautiful smile is a healthy smile and when you leave our office, you'll have both. If you see aspects of your smile you'd like to see changed, it may be in the best interest of your health to come in as soon as possible. Here are a few reasons why.

Causes of tooth decay

Yellow build-up and dark spots on your teeth aren't just cosmetic problems. Tartar and plaque harbor bacteria, which can cause tooth decay. If left untreated, cavities can reach the soft pulp of your teeth, resulting in painful abscesses. The farther tooth decay advances, the more drastic the treatment. In extreme cases, we may have to remove the tooth. Your best bet is to come in regularly for a cleaning and exam to catch cavities while they're small.

Signs of gum disease

Swollen, red, or bleeding, gums are signs that you have an infection. As gum disease progresses you may notice that your gums are receding, making your teeth look unusually long. You may also start to develop chronic bad breath. What you don't see (or smell) is that this infection is eating away at the connective tissue and bone that are holding your teeth in place. When enough of this is lost, your teeth will begin falling out. The bacteria that causes gum disease have also been linked to systemic problems including heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. We think these are some very good reasons to come in to get your gum disease under control as soon as possible.

Effects of crooked teeth

A crooked smile is the outward appearance of misaligned teeth. But this condition can also impact the health and functioning of your teeth. Misaligned teeth don't fit together as they should. This causes problems with your bite, which can lead to unnatural wear on your teeth and difficulty or painful chewing. Additionally, misaligned teeth can make proper brushing and flossing nearly impossible, which leaves you prone to tooth decay and gum infection.

Consequences of missing teeth

A gap in your smile where a tooth fell out is bad enough, but the deeper problem is that when you lose a tooth, the entire structure of your mouth begins to change. Your teeth start to slowly slide toward the hole. Your bone that once supported that tooth starts to atrophy and disappear, leaving other teeth without proper support. Eventually this process can cause misalignment of your entire mouth and additional tooth loss. Luckily, with modern dental implants we can replace almost any lost tooth even if it's been missing for years.

Repressed self confidence

Perhaps the saddest affect a troubled smile can have on your health is what it does to your self image. Without even realizing it, you may begin covering your mouth when you speak or laugh. You might subconsciously try to hide your teeth when you smile or even stop smiling around others at all. You might feel self conscious when meeting new people or taking pictures. You may even start avoiding social interactions altogether. These habits can have very real repercussions for your mental health. We've heard many patients express these feelings and it's heartbreaking. Thankfully, we've also been privileged to watch patients fully smile for the first time in years when they see what we've been able to do for them.

The Good News

Even if you've avoided the dentist for years, even if you've already started losing teeth, your smile seems hopelessly crooked, and you haven't shown your smile openly in decades, we can help. We offer a wide range of cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry options to help make your smile as beautiful and healthy as it can be. Our services include:

Dr. Gyurina has all of the training and experience to ensure you receive the quality care you deserve. Our team is committed to providing excellent service, so you can be sure to walk away feeling confident and healthy.

The first step is to come in for a consultation and create a treatment plan to restore beauty and health to your smile. This might be accomplished in one or two visits, or we may decide on a more extensive plan to address all of your needs. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment. At Oak Park Dental, we are happy to serve our patients from all over the Madison area including Verona, Monona, Ashton, Middleton, and Oregon.