Composite Fillings in Madison

Safer, Healthier, More Natural Fillings

Many of us remember when the only tooth filling material available was mercury amalgam. They were unattractive, left teeth vulnerable to decay, and had suspect health impact. Fortunately, today's composite fillings are extremely durable, look natural, and are 100% safe. At Oak Park Dental, we use only composite fillings to repair our patients' teeth.

What are Composite Fillings?

The fillings we use consist of a resin composite material that securely bonds to your tooth. This material adheres to the structure of the tooth, stabilizing it to prevent future cracking. The old amalgam fillings, which expand and contract with temperature change, can actually cause damage the tooth over time. Additionally, resin composite fillings can be colored to match the hue of your teeth so they become virtually invisible.

Dr. Gyurina will begin your restorations by thoroughly cleaning out all tooth decay and surface debris. Then the area to be filled must be completely dried. The dentist carefully applies the resin and uses a painless light to cure the compound and ensure a firm bonding. Finally, the filling is adjusted to perfectly fit the patient's bite. The result is a strong, functional tooth that can last 10 years or longer.

Benefits of Composite Fillings

As stated, there are many benefits of composite resin tooth fillings over traditional amalgam fillings, which are still used in many dental offices. While early resins were more expensive and less durable, they have improved dramatically in recent years. Here are a few of the benefits of modern composite fillings:

  • Colored to match teeth - no dark blotches
  • Strengthen weakened or cracked teeth
  • Contain no mercury
  • Last as long as amalgam fillings
  • Price is comparable to amalgam

The Best Dental Treatments for Your Mouth

While fillings may be the best dental treatment for your case, you may need a dental crown, root canal, or possibly even a replacement tooth. The dentists at Oak Park Dental in Madison are trained and experienced with the latest treatments and the most advanced materials available. We're proud to offer complete restorative dental care to our patients. After the dentist gets a thorough look at your teeth, she'll give you her professional opinion as to the appropriate treatment option for you.

Whether you have a tooth ache or are just looking for a good family dentist, please contact us to schedule an appointment. Our team will make you welcome and you'll leave feeling great and smiling wide.

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