When to Consider a Gum Lift

Think about what makes a smile beautiful. If you’re like most people, the first thing that comes to your mind is probably shiny, white teeth. But there’s something else that has a huge impact on the look of your smile that you might not think of immediately: your gums. Today people all over the country are turning to gum lifts to help shape and perfect the look of their gums, and in some cases to prepare for further cosmetic dentistry procedures. How do you know if you need a gum lift? Read on to learn when you should consider it.

A gum lift, also known as a gingivectomy, is a procedure performed by a dentist that reshapes the gums. It is usually done to correct a condition known informally as a “gummy smile,” which can occur for a number of reasons. Sometimes after a person’s permanent teeth come in, the gums don’t recede back far enough, leaving a large portion of the tooth covered in gum. In other cases, the lips may simply leave a lot of the gum exposed when smiling, which could make a person self-conscious about their smile. Some people have just the opposite problem—their gums have receded too far and left too much of the tooth exposed.  Gum lifts can help remedy all of these problems.

A gum lift is performed with lasers—no scalpel and sutures necessary. This allows the dentist to reshape the gums in a single procedure, and the patient recovers quickly and without a lot of pain. Lasers can smoothly cut, reshape, and even lengthen the gumline.

Sometimes gum lifts are performed to fully correct patients’ aesthetic concerns, like the ones noted above. A dentist can work with a patient to determine what his or her perfect smile would look like, and then surgically raise or lower the gumline to the patient’s preference. Sometimes, however, the gum lift is not the final step in the journey to a perfect smile. For example, when a patient plans to get porcelain veneers or crowns placed to correct cosmetic issues in the teeth themselves, a gum lift can be a useful first step that evens out the gums and allows the veneers to be placed more easily—and with more satisfying results.

If you’ve determined that a gum lift might be what you need to reveal your most beautiful smile, you’ll want to choose a professional that has extensive experience with the procedure. Dr. Jana Gyurina of Oak Park Dental is one of the premier cosmetic dentists in Madison. Call today or go to our website  to schedule a consultation.

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