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Everyone wants a bright white, beautiful smile. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize how their teeth become dingy in the first place, and what they can do to resolve the problem. Here are a few things that might make your teeth look less-than-pristine:

Causes of Discolored Teeth

  • Poor Dental Care: If you don’t brush like you should, plaque and tartar can build on your teeth, making them look yellow. Unfortunately, grime accumulation can give bacteria an easy place to hide and multiply, causing tooth decay that can look green, brown, or black.
  • Smoking: When you puff away on cigarettes, smoke and tar can stain your teeth. Unfortunately, these sticky substances can be difficult to remove, which is why it is better not to start smoking in the first place.
  • Certain Medications: Believe it or not, certain medications can even make your teeth look yellow. If you take antihistamines, drugs for high blood pressure, or antipsychotics, your teeth might become discolored.
  • Foods and Drinks: Highly pigmented foods like blackberries, blueberries, and chocolate can discolor your teeth. Also, the dyes in processed foods or sodas can cause hard-to-remove stains.shutterstock_111721961

The Dental Whitening Process

If you have discolored teeth, don’t despair. You might be able to bleach away unsightly stains by working with Dr. Gyurina. After the doctor checks your teeth to make sure they are healthy, they will take a mold of your mouth. This mold is then sent to a lab, where flexible plastic trays are made to fit your teeth perfectly. After these trays have been checked for fit, you will be sent home with a small syringe of dental-grade bleaching gel. This gel is placed one drop at a time into the trays, which are then worn for set time periods at home.

Tips for Successful Whitening

Remember these tips for successful whitening each and every time!

  • Don’t Apply Too Much Whitening Gel: Keep in mind that a little gel goes a long way. If you use too much, it can spill out and burn your cheeks or gum tissue.
  • Don’t Fall Asleep With Your Trays: It might seem like a good idea to wear your bleaching trays overnight, but it can cause extreme dental sensitivity. Only wear your bleaching trays when you can pay attention to the clock, and never wear them for longer than the dentist recommends.
  • Watch Your Food Choices: After your teeth are as white and bright as you want them, watch out for foods that could discolor your teeth. Instead, opt for lighter colored foods that won’t be a problem.

If teeth whitening sounds like something that would help you, make an appointment for a consultation today.

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