Standard Veneers VS Prepless Veneers

confidenceIn the history of dentistry, the cosmetic aspect has never been out of the ordinary. People are always interested in new ways and procedures to make their teeth look better than their natural state. If you have ever thought about it, you might have learned about teeth whitening or even as far as crowning them. But now with recent advances, there’s an easier and faster way to get you a flawless smile. It’s called Prepless Veneers.

This concept of additive only restorations, has caused veteran dentists concern, based on previous cases with bulky, over-contoured teeth. Some prepless techniques have circulated in advertisements, showing bulky restorations, which immediately causes skepticism. Even though there have been terrible cases like this, multiple esteemed cosmetic dentists are incorporating these “no-prep” restorations into their treatment options.

New developments in techniques and materials have resulted in a new look at the aesthetic possibilities for the prepless veneer option. Some of the best results, are sometimes only due to the perfect candidate for the procedure. This requires case selection, and an educated look at the patient’s mouth. But if the case is perfect, the results can be beautiful and stable.

With prepless veneers, your dentist does not need to shape your tooth or create a margin for the new addition. Instead, the highly skilled dental technicians design a custom-fit veneer that feathers into the tooth, just below the gumline. This reduces or eliminates the risk of the veneer having a negative impact on the periodontal health. In many cases, it’s possible to use an additive-only approach to create aesthetically pleasing restorations without reducing the underlying tooth structure. This obviously makes consumers seek out this procedure, to enhance their smiles without all of the pain and discomfort from aggressive enamel removal.

Other potential cases would be patients with relatively small teeth maybe due to acid erosion, genetic factor, or discrepancies between jaw size and teeth size. This might also include orthodontic cases that involved the extraction of teeth to solve a crowding issue, which may result in narrow arch forms with the teeth that sometimes tilt inward. Short, worn teeth would be another potential case along with, narrow smiles, and genetically misshapen teeth called peg laterals.

While prepless veneers can be a life changing procedure, not everyone can choose this method. Some may need orthodontic treatment before they can consider the no-prep procedure. There are limitations just like everything else in the cosmetic field, and not every smile can be enhanced with prepless veneers. There is no substitute for talent from an experienced dentist, and one should always tell you the truth to the advantages and disadvantages to cosmetic procedures.

If you would like to discuss your specific situation, or someone you know is interestd in no-prep veneers, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Oak Park Dental. Dr. Gyurina would be more than happy to go over your case with you.

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