Cosmetic Dentures: Smile with Confidence!

For those who are missing teeth, replacements are essential to restore the function of your bite and the aesthetics of your smile. Oak Park Dental offers several replacement options, including full and partial dentures. Whether you are missing a few teeth or all of them, contact Oak Park, you cosmetic dentist in Madison, for dental prosthetics that will return your life to normal.

Aside from letting you smile freely again, dentures have several benefits, including:

  • Preserving the positioning of any remaining teeth. When teeth are lost, those adjacent to them drift to fill in the gaps. With a partial denture in place, this drift is prevented.
  • Keeping your diet varied. Having few or no teeth, or teeth which are painfully damaged, can seriously limit your food choices. It is especially difficult under those circumstances to eat hard, crunchy foods—including fruits and vegetables, some of the biggest contributors to your health. Dentures restore your ability to eat as you always have, allowing you to maintain a healthy, diverse diet.
  • Bolstering your confidence. If you are self-conscious about your smile, you’re likely to smile less often—which can actually affect your mood and your emotional well-being. A confident smile is good for your self-image and your mental health.
  • Supporting your facial features. After tooth loss, your face can acquire a sunken look, as the teeth and jawbone that once provided a backing for your cheeks and lips are now gone. Dentures take the place of teeth in helping your face keep its natural, youthful shape.

Implant-Secured Dentures

For even greater benefits, ask about implant-secured dentures, full and partial dentures which rely on dental implants as their foundation. In addition to all the points listed above, implant-secured dentures also:

  • Encourage the growth and maintenance of bone near the implant site. The jawbone deteriorates after tooth loss due to a lack of stimulation. Implants provide that stimulation and encourage the bone to stay strong and not atrophy.
  • Provide the sturdiest foundation possible for dentures. While we make our best attempt to ensure that dentures will stay in place, there is always a certain degree of shifting—except with implant-secured dentures, where implants are rooted directly in the jaw. This is the sturdiest way to fasten dentures, and prevents shifting and instability when the dentures are in use.

Not only your looks, but your health depends on replacing teeth once they are lost. For dentures and dental implants in Madison, WI, there is no better provider than Oak Park Dental. Schedule your appointment today to restore your missing teeth and improve your life.

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