Teeth Whitening and Dental Work

Whiter teeth are a sure way to boost your confidence and increase the beauty of your smile. Many products for teeth whitening are available over the counter, from rinses to whitening strips to home whitening trays. While these options can help when used correctly, they can also have unintended effects. Any visible dental repairs and cosmetic dentistry appliances, such as fillings, crowns, veneers, implants, or chip repairs, will not lighten at the same pace as surrounding teeth. After an at-home whitening treatment, these repairs can appear discolored by comparison, leaving your smile worse off than before. Even if you have no visible repairs, certain dark stains can’t be lifted by at-home bleaching, and improper use of bleaching products can cause uneven lightening even on healthy teeth.

A better option for brighter, whiter teeth is in-office professional teeth whitening. The whitening compounds available to dentists are stronger than over-the-counter products for faster results, and with professional supervision, you can avoid any blotchy or uneven results. Dr. Gyurina is proud to offer two in-office whitening procedures, Zoom! And KoR.


Zoom! whitening gel is light-activated and relies on exposure to a bright light during treatment. The soft tissues of your mouth will be protected while your teeth are treated. Zoom! offers fast and thorough whitening results without changing the structure of your teeth. After bleaching, your teeth will always be whiter than they would have been otherwise, and with proper care you can maintain an unforgettable, brilliant smile.


KöR whitening treatment is the first tooth whitening compound to be refrigerated from the moment production begins until it reaches our office. Because of this, the bleaching compounds in the gel don’t deteriorate. This allows for a longer active bleaching period, lasting six hours for each treatment where other compounds produce only about half an hour of active bleaching time. Even better, the KöR whitening system conditions your teeth so that they are easier to bleach with every treatment, so that your smile is whiter every time.

The benefit of expertise

If you are unsure which treatment to choose, Dr. Gyurina can counsel you regarding which is likely to give you the results you desire. Schedule your appointment with our office today so that you can enjoy the benefits of your bright, beautiful smile.


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