Porcelain and Prepless Veneers

Though braces have become the hallmark of adolescence, not everyone has had the chance to benefit from these corrective procedures. As dental techniques advance and beautiful teeth grow easier to achieve, adults who missed the opportunity in childhood are seeking ways to improve their smiles. While most would think of braces as the solution to crooked teeth or wide gaps, Oak Park Dental offers an alternative: porcelain veneers and new prepless veneers.

Although unsuitable for younger patients, veneers can be the ideal option for adults unsatisfied with their smile. Composed of naturally stain-resistant materials, each veneer is made to duplicate the shape, color, and shine of a healthy tooth, and can be sized to fill gaps which would otherwise require an orthodontist’s extensive care. Whether applied to one tooth or your entire smile, veneers will immediately even and brighten your teeth.

shutterstock_121245883As a simpler, speedier alternative to braces, veneers are unparalleled. The procedure can be completed in three easy visits, and the results are instantaneous: an immediate improvement in the visual alignment of your teeth, without the long wait times and multiple adjustments required by braces. Veneers can straighten slightly crooked teeth, eliminate gaps left by both receding gums and small teeth, and in addition they will repair wear, chips, cracks, and discoloration, leaving your smile at its best.

After consulting with you to learn exactly what you want for your teeth, your dentist will prepare your teeth for application and take casts of your mouth to ensure a perfect fit. Veneers are individually shaped to ensure the highest quality and the best match for you. At your final appointment, each custom-made shell is permanently applied to the surface of your tooth, leaving your smile at its best.

At Oak Park Dental, we offer the best in cosmetic dentistry, including veneers. Call or request an appointment online to schedule a consultation with the award winning Dr. Gyruina.

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